Some Tips on Internet Safety for Parents, Students and Teachers.

  • Nowadays, young people are using the Internet regularly to meet their friends, download music and search the web. Used properly, the web is a wonderful tool for our pupils. However, young people need to be aware of the steps they can take to protect themselves from predators and online bullying. The links on this page will help you to protect your children and help them to enjoy the web safely.

  • YouTube Safety
    Are you worried about inappropriate videos appearing on YouTube? This short video will show you how to set YouTube’s built-in safety mode. YouTube Safety Feature

  • The Office for Internet Safety
    The Office for Internet Safety has been established by the Government to take a lead responsibility for internet safety in Ireland, particularly as it relates to children. They have produced a range of guides for parents and children relating to Internet safety issues, including the following, “A parent’s guide to social-networking websites” and “A Guide to Cyberbullying“.

  • The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet
    'The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet’ is a video that has been created by a UK agency to provide a light-hearted and realistic look at what it takes to be a better online parent. The show covers topics such as, talking to your child about the technologies they use and the things they might see, such as pornography. This online guide aims to equip you with the tools to have those tricky conversations with your children and keep your family safe online.

  • Tips on Social Networking
    This page has an interesting video of a mother’s concerns on social networking, general safety tips and a downloadable Internet Safety pack:

  • NCTE
    This is NCTE’s site dedicated to Internet Safety

  • Facebook
    Facebook offers good advice here on how to set privacy levels, block unwanted contacts and how to report abuse directly to Facebook.

  • Instagram Photo Sharing
    ConnectSafely’s new Parents’ Guide to Instagram provides parents, educators, anyone curious about this popular photo-sharing app with all they need to help kids optimize their use of it. A Parents' Guide to Instagram

  • YourSphere for Parents
    General Internet Safety Tips for Parents Yoursphere for Parents

  • Netsmartz
    Internet Safety Tipsheets Netsmartz Tipsheets